Legislator Alan Sorensen

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Sorensen Calls for Major Changes in Policy on Sullivan County Landfill


ROCK HILL – Sullivan County District 9 Legislator Alan Sorensen introduced a Resolution this week in the Department of Public Works Committee requesting that the County Manager issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the long-term exportation of the County’s Solid Waste.


Sorensen indicated that he has reviewed exportation contracts of neighboring County’s and there is a very good chance that long-term exportation of solid waste may be a more cost-effective alternative to the proposed $40 million Phase II Expansion of the County Landfill.


“We need to take a hard look at alternatives to the proposed Phase II Expansion of the County Landfill and conduct a thorough analysis of whether it makes financial sense.”  Said Sorensen


Fulfilling a campaign pledge to his constituents to work hard to stop the Phase II Expansion of the landfill while exploring viable alternatives, this was Sorensen’s first major action since taking office last week.


“The debt related to the County Landfill clearly shows that the County’s “Trash-for-Cash” policy is fatally flawed,” Sorensen stated.  “The landfill is and will continue to bleed the County coffers dry.” 


To date, the County’s operation of the landfill has resulted in approximately $40 Million in bonded debt and an estimated $25 Million in projected closure and monitoring cost.  


The County has only set aside $13 Million for the Landfill closure and monitoring.  


Furthermore, the County is projected to lose another $2.7 Million in 2008 on the continued operation of the landfill.


“How much money do we have to lose before we start looking at viable alternatives?” asked Sorensen. 


Sullivan County has $59 Million in existing long-term debt.  Approximately, $40 Million or 68% of that debt is directly attributed to the County’s operation of the Landfill.


If the past is an indication of what is to come with the Landfill, the Phase II Expansion will leave us with considerably more debt.   This is debt that the County simply cannot afford.” said Sorensen